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The Polyhedral Knights are not affiliated with Renegade Game Studios or any of their products. Our Game, Renegade City, is produced by The Polyhedral Knights and has no connection to the company. There are no images, content, compensations, or payouts relating to Renegade Game Studios. Our two companies and products have zero association or connection with each other. We wish those in charge at Renegade Game Studios health and happiness. We want to say, “Bless your heart. “

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Spy 2nd Edition

Spy 2nd Edition is set in a modern-day world where you play a covert agent for a secret organization nicknamed “The Factory.” This agency recruits people from various walks of life, such as Military, Civilian, and even Criminals. Players make up a team of people with varying skill sets to help ensure the mission's success. A wide variety of Archetypes are available to play in Spy 2nd Edition.


Missions in Spy 2nd Edition can vary from dealing with threats foreign and domestic. But the real thrill comes from the ongoing nemesis, such as Daedalus. They are a group of scientists with no moral compass, creating horrible things to either destroy or manipulate people. These creations are sold to worse people with lots of money and a vile agenda, adding a constant sense of intensity and suspense to the game.


As the creator of Spy 2nd Edition, I’m excited to share our journey with you. Since the first edition in 2017, we've developed several other games and gained valuable insights. Now, we're back to Spy, armed with all the cool things we've learned. We've expanded the Talents, refined the skills, added exciting combat techniques, and updated equipment, making Spy 2nd Edition better than ever.


By backing our project on Kickstarter, you're not just supporting us-you're getting exclusive benefits. For a limited time, you can get our Rule book for only $13, a special offer that won't be available after the campaign. Plus, we're offering great deals on the supplement books that will come with this, including The Daedalus Sourcebook, Enemies and Allies Dossiers, and The Missions Book.

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Wasteland Sagas

The World of Wasteland Sagas


  Many chroniclers have speculated the world broke due to a of string atrocious events. Tales of nuclear bombs that went off because territories disliked one another. Stories of laboratory-engineered viruses and mutagens designed to destroy people. Mother Nature had enough of the parasites ‘inconsideration and exploitation, so she revolted against humanity.


   The world was undone. Mankind crawled out of the rubble and ruin determined to persevere. It would be great to say people learned their lesson, but there will always be “Human Nature”.    Knowledge of technology has been lost.  There are remnants of ancient devices, so it does have mystery and value. The curious and enterprising sentients are rediscovering technologies and scientific theories bastardizing them into something different and unique that works in their new world. A new image of the world is being built. These are the building blocks of Wasteland Sagas.


Wasteland Sagas is filled with Mutants, Humans, Androids, and other oddities. Options exist such as Mutations, Bio Ware, Cybernetics, Android upgrades, and Faults. Lots to choose from to create any type of character in this sci-fi wasteland. These are the inhabitants of the new world.


   This is the 6th game that has been produced by The Polyhedral Knights and as usual, we aim to create something simple to learn and loads of fun. We designed a world that has enough information in it to get the GM started and enough open space for them to create what they want in this blasted wasteland.

Pirates of a Shattered World

Pirates of a Shattered World is a unique mix of many things. Part Fantasy, part post apocalypse, part sci fi, part pirate adventure, it offers a great blend of many of these things.

This is the newest release from The Polyhedral Knights, is a unique twist on the post-apocalyptic fantasy genre. Taking place in the Fractured Sea---an archipelago filled with monsters and wreckage from the second apocalypse---it puts PCs in the roles of explorers, swashbucklers, science-mages, and brigands in a world of gunpowder, sorcery, altered beasts, and haunted ruins beneath the waves.


   Gameplay in Pirates is fast and pulpy. Build your characters using Archetypes like Sailor, Mystic, Science Mage, or Courtier (among others) and races like Iguana Hybrid, Hobgoblin, Mutant, and Elyrian, then dig into the crunch with a host of Attributes, Skills, Talents, Combat Techniques, and Spells to flesh them out how you want.


  We will provide a vast, fully-fleshed out setting at your fingertips, including a bestiary packed with ne'er do wells, ancient hazards, and oceanic horrors, as well as locations like Vek (the fractious nation of the Hobgoblins), the Brotherhood of the Sail (a windborne pirate nation ruled by voting council), and the Spider Kingdom (a toxic jungle full of hive-minded parasite control people).


Pirates of a Shattered World is the culmination of years of design and is a distant future sequel to Pathogen: Unclassified." It draws inspiration from works such as Shannara Series by Terry Brooks , Hawkmoon by Michael Moorcock, and Pirates of Dark Water.


The adventure begins hundreds, possibly a thousand years after a 2nd apocalypse that rocked this world. 

Wicked Pacts

This world is much like our modern times but well entrenched and steeped with a long secret history of magic practitioners.  In normal society, the ungifted and the enchanted ilk live among one another.  But of course, you must keep your skills a secret so the ungifted do not spread fear and anger toward your kind.


Wicked Pacts is a modern-day game of magic where the Players create magic users practicing different types of magic. In this secret world of magic, various organizations are banding together to work toward their agendas.  Globally, the Hermetic Order is the most powerful of the ruling groups. They have a long history of protecting their own kind but also making sure the magic surrounding us all does not spill over in full view for the ungifted to witness.


Players take the roles of magic users such as warlocks, seers, demon-hunters, etc.… just trying to get by in this world. Due to the multi-lateral cold war between factions covertly fighting over territory and influence, the players must align themselves with a faction for safety.

Each player character is built from a Bloodline (why they are magical), an Archetype (how they use their magic), and a Tarot Card. The Tarot Card does not just echo a part of the character's personality; it fuels the GM or the player to change the story in certain key places.

Wicked Pacts is filled with Bloodlines, Archetypes, Talents, Complications, a ton of Spells, and various hidden factions of the unseen world. This game is designed to be easy to learn and ready to run quickly.

Pathogen Unclassified 

Three years ago, civilization fell. A parasite, previously undiscovered, simultaneously struck several global population centers and transit hubs. Those infected by it became frenzied with the urge to feed, spreading the contagion through their bites and scratches. As if anticipating every attempt at a cure, the parasite mutated faster than could be tracked. Society imploded and there was no one left with the authority to put it back together.


Only one out of three people survived the collapse. Since then, even more have died of infection, malnutrition, and from struggles with other survivors. To make matters worse, the Infected haven't gone quietly to their graves. Most of them, two thirds of the global population, still linger hollow-eyed and gaunt upon the earth, sniffing intermittently at the air for signs of their next warm-blooded meal, but a few have been even more irrevocably changed. Warped by the parasite into colonies of mutated beasts, or cursed with mental powers beyond their ability to control, they are hated and feared...and coveted, by the last pharmaceutical company left in the world.


To keep out their ravenous neighbors, the remaining Survivors have banded together into close-knit Communities, building little pockets of order amidst the wreckage. Some are founded on the rules of the old world. Others raid and enslave. More than a few dream of one day establishing their own kingdom.


It's into one of these that the players are thrust; as lawbringers, as peacekeepers, as civil engineers, and as generals. With courage and determination they can push back the bandits, the Infected, and the other, stranger things that lurk in the wild, to carve a place for themselves in the ruins.




Pathogen: Unclassified is a tabletop game of survival horror in which the players don't just struggle against other humans and the Infected--they fight to grow and protect their own settlement. With fast-paced tactical gameplay that supports strategic city-building (and vice-versa!), Pathogen is easy to pick up and hard to put down. With all the tools to provide you and your friends with a deep campaign or a terrifying one-shot, this game book makes the perfect library addition to your cave, lead-lined bunker, or remote wilderness cabin.

Renegade City

Available Now Print and PDF 



   Renegade City is a modern-day game of organized crime with a twist. Players are members of an organized criminal outfit called the Consortium. The group is large and powerful, but they are not the only power in the city of Vorhees, NC. Your characters each fulfill a certain role within a subgroup of the organization. Some of these characters are either trying to find a way out of this life or some are trying to find a way to get deeper in.


   Challenges not only exist within your own organization, from people trying to undermine you and make you look bad, to traitors who may have sold out to the competition. Other criminal outfits exist in Vorhees. Anywhere from major groups like the Triad to low-level gangs. This is all before dealing with the daily issues of police breathing down your neck.


   Of course, Vorhees is corrupt, and you can expect many crooked cops and politicians. They can be worse at times than the other criminals you square off against. Amongst all this turmoil there is an ever-growing problem in this city.


   That problem is a cult that is gaining momentum and power. They are crazy zealots who believe they can resurrect a long-dead warlock who was burned alive back when this town was first established at the birth of this nation. The Sons of Thaddeus they call themselves. It is their belief that they can bring him back to rule over not only this city but all of mankind.


   To make this cult even more dangerous, they have targeted criminal outfits to take down and take over portions of their business. Many of their followers are strung-out junkies willing to do whatever it takes, just to get their next fix. Slowly this city has succumbed to the control of these zealots.


   The danger exists from all sides and your characters are just trying to make it through to another day and maybe see something pay off for once. This game is a unique anti-hero style game with an even more unique form of game mechanics. There are no dice used in this game. Instead, resolutions are done using Dominos. At first, everyone always seems puzzled till they see how this game plays. It is a great unique system and a perfect fit for this setting.


   Come explore the dangers and thrills that exist in Vorhees NC.

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