The Polyhedral Knights will be creating more game genres, supplements, and other fun stuff at AFFORDABLE prices. One book will be all you need to run a game. 

We are a group of long time gamers who would like to see a return to affordable and easy to learn Role Playing Games. 

Wicked Pacts 

Just released!!

The Polyhedral Knights

Click below for the errata sheet for Wicked Pacts. This is some of the corrections we discovered after printing. 

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Scene Tokens

These can be used for Scene Points in play of game. Each bag comes with 5 Tokens.  

$8.00 per bag

   Wicked Pacts is a modern day game set in a world of a secret magic war. Players are magic users from various schools of training and might have links to the Hermetic Order. 

   This order was put together long ago in hopes to keep a lid on the magic that could go unchecked and ruin this world. Also knowing that in the past the ungifted see the magic using society as a threat and will do all it can to wipe them out. 

    We here at The Polyhedral Knights have been developing this game, that has been best described as  like being the Dresden Files, without being the Dresden Files. The game is fast and easy to learn. Keep an eye out for it this year. 

The PDF file is for sale on Drivethrurpg for $9.99. 


Hardcover for sale here at our website here.

Retail cost is $35.99.

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Hardcover Book

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Hardcover Book 

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NPC Deck:

This contains 25 NPC's Good, Bad and Neutral. Each with background and each one has 3 plot seeds. So you have essentially 75 potential adventures in one deck. 


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