The Polyhedral Knights is a small company that is aiming to produce quality, affordable, easy to learn games that do not require an entire shelf of books just to run a game. Our games are a blend of "Crunchy" and Narrative systems. This combines the best of both schools of thought that currently exist in the gaming industry. Our budget stays modest and we focus on material you can use as building blocks to the game you are looking to run. 

  It all started with our first game Spy. A lot we have learned since then and are always looking for ways to improve our craft. The games that have since followed have been Pathogen Unclassified, Wicked Pacts and Dark Times. 

   We are looking to release Supplement books for Spy, Dark Times, and Pathogen Unclassified this year. Coming up soon on Kickstarter will be our newest game Pirates of a Shattered World and Spy 2.0. 

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The Polyhedral Knights will be creating more game genres, supplements, and other fun stuff at AFFORDABLE prices. One book will be all you need to run a game. 

We are a group of long time gamers who would like to see a return to affordable and easy to learn Role Playing Games. 

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Pirates of a Shattered World