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Introduction to the Factory

            What is the Factory? It is a covert tactical response organization that was created to protect America from Foreign and Domestic threats. Are they officially known? To the general public, this organization does not exist. For those in the field of intelligence they are fully aware of their operation.

            The Factories reach is global and connections run deep. Agents are specially selected from all walks of life, such as Military, Criminal, and Civilian. They believe the variety of backgrounds brings unique and beneficial areas of expertise that could be of value to the organization.

            Once brought into the fold, the new agents are put through a long training program. This varies from physical conditioning, tactical training, operating procedures, cultural knowledge/policies, and foreign languages.

            Once the extensive training is over, the person with the plan evaluates the agents to determine where they can be best used. Most agents are placed in small units among other agents. This group then operates as a special unit handling assignments as a whole.

            Low level agents are referred to as “Prep”. This level is mostly made up of low level clerks and background operators. Beginning field agents are referred to as “Cogs” which handles the bulk of the grunt field work done. A unit of cogs are assigned a senior agent called the “Foreman”.

            The Foreman has plenty of field experience and is qualified to make executive decisions while in the field. Before becoming a Foreman, the agents may be considered to be a “Piston”.

            Pistons are often agents capable of solo missions. Of course no one is ever truly solo with the backing of the Factory.

            “Storage” agents process the logistic needs of equipment for the field agents. Storage is the section designed for equipment acquisition, distribution, and prepping field storage locations.

            At times, there is a need for handling unique items, such as, newly developed enemy technology. When the need arises the Factory goes to the ultra-secretive section called “Scrap”.

            Of course with any sub section within a secret organization rumors tend to circulate. For example some may believe Scrap is made up of mad scientist eager to experiment on anything even people. So far nothing has been proven to be true.

            Finally, the entire organization does have a person in charge-“The Plant Manager”. His code name is Odin and has overseen the operations of the Factory for the past 5 years.

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