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Renegade City is a modern-day game of organized crime with a twist. Players are members of an organized criminal outfit called the Consortium. The group is large and powerful, but they are not the only power in the city of Vorhees, NC. Your characters each fulfill a certain roll within a subgroup of the organization. Some of these characters are either trying to find a way out of this life or some are trying to find a way to get in deeper.

   Challenges not only exist within your own organization, from people trying to undermine you and make you look bad, to traitors who may have sold out to the competition. Other criminal outfits exist in Vorhees. Anywhere from major groups like the Triad to low-level gangs. This is all before dealing with the daily issues of police breathing down your neck.

   Of course, Vorhees is corrupt, and you can expect many crooked cops and politicians. They can be worse at times than the other criminals you square off against. Amongst all this turmoil there is an ever-growing problem in this city.

   That problem is a cult that is gaining momentum and power. They are crazy zealots who believe they can resurrect a long-dead warlock who was burned alive back when this town was first established at the birth of this nation. The Sons of Thaddeus they call themselves. It is their belief that they can bring him back to rule over not only this city but all of mankind.

   To make this cult even more dangerous, they have targeted criminal outfits to take down and take over portions of their business. Many of their followers are strung-out junkies willing to do whatever it takes, just to get their next fix. Slowly this city has been falling under the control of these zealots.

   The danger exists from all sides and your characters are just trying to make it through to another day and maybe see something pay off for once. This game is a unique anti-hero style game with an even more unique form of game mechanics. There are no dice used in this game. Instead, resolutions are done using Dominos. At first, everyone always seems puzzled till they see how this game plays. It is a great unique system and a perfect fit for this setting.

   Come explore the dangers and thrills that exist in Vorhees NC.

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