Episode 4: D&D/Pathfinder- "Beyond the Dungeon!!!​"

In this episode Mickey, Ali, and John discuss how your game could be more than just a dungeon crawl. We go over options to mix it up from the usual. 

The Polyhedral Knights Pod Cast


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Who Are We-

The hosts for The Polyhedral Knights are Mickey Barfield and Ali Samiian.

Our producer is Mike Sitjar.

On the show, we will have regular guests speakers to share their thoughts on a particulate topic.  The topics will primarily focused on improving the story telling experience.  We will share tips, adventure seeds, and other techniques to add the "WOW!" to your games.  Of course, we do not claim to have all the answers, so we would love to get your feedback. Tell us what you like or don't like.  Also, what topics would you like to see addressed. 

On occasion, we will ONLY review games we liked and share why we liked them.

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