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Travelers Guide to the Fractured Seas

    This guidebook is your gateway to another world. It breaks down all the countries in the Fractured Seas. 

   With each country, there is details of the government, culture, guilds and a breakdown of their notable cities and ports. Each section has plot seeds and npcs attached to them. 

   A valuable guide to any Gamemaster wishing to run this game. A book filled with ideas for many adventures to put in your campaign. 

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As the GM, you'll have your own pool of Luck Points too, which you can spend to power up the bad guys and make fights more dramatic. You'll also have a vast, fully-fleshed out setting at your fingertips, including a bestiary packed with ne'er do wells, ancient hazards, and oceanic horrors, as well as locations like Vek (the fractious nation of the Hobgoblins), the Brotherhood of the Sail (a windborne pirate nation ruled by voting council), and the Spider Kingdom (a toxic jungle full of hive-minded parasites).

Pirates of a Shattered World is the culmination of years of design and is a distant future sequel to Pathogen: Unclassified."


  Pirates of a Shattered World, the newest release from The Polyhedral Knights, is a unique twist on the post-apocalyptic fantasy genre. Taking place in the Fractured Sea---an archipelago filled with monsters and wreckage from the second apocalypse---it puts PCs in the roles of explorers, swashbucklers, science-mages, and brigands in a world of gunpowder, sorcery, altered beasts, and haunted ruins beneath the waves.

Gameplay in Pirates is fast and pulpy. Build your characters using Archetypes like Sailor, Mystic, Science Mage, or Courtier (among others) and races like Iguana Hybrid, Hobgoblin, Mutant, and Elyrian, then dig into the crunch with a host of Attributes, Skills, Talents, Combat Techniques, and Spells to flesh them out how you want.

To find out whether you succeed at out-swimming those Blood Eels or whether you win that rapier-duel in the rigging with the corsair captain, make a simple Skill + Attribute roll---then tilt the odds by spending Luck Points to boost the dice, maximize damage, or trigger other unexpected outcomes.

Copyright John Barfield. All rights reserved. 

Pirates of a Shattered World