This is our next production to be launched within our line. Pirates of a Shattered World is a unique twist of not only the Fantasy genre but also the Post-Apocalyptic genre. The adventure begins hundreds, possibly a thousand years after a 2nd apocalypse that rocked this world. 

   Our story started off long ago after the events from Pathogen Unclassified. In that game the outbreak was a designed weapon sent to earth by aliens named the Elyarians. This race figured the parasite would infect much of the population and those infected would either convert more people to be workers or begin the terraforming process. When Gaia Life Solutions got a hold of the pod that hadn't released the parasites, yet they tinkered with it. Thus, altering the Elyarian's bio weapon/tool. Some of the hive was in place to do the work but most of the infected were the mishap of the experiments Gaia Life Solutions had done. 

Eventually time went by and earth started to come back from this disaster. The infected almost gone and the hive nearly wiped out. Then the Elyarians arrived on their ships thinking Earth would be ready for colonization of their people but found these primitives still here and worse yet the earth wasn't 100% ready for them. 

Copyright John Barfield. All rights reserved. 

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Not wanting to turn around the Elyarians decided they would try and take the world back by force from these humans. Unfortunately for the Elyarians they found the humans had done some reverse engineering with the pod and managed to make some advances in technology. A war began between the aliens and humans. Currently the history gets fuzzy depending on who you talk to. Other races were created and fought in the war. The beast men were created, which were a hybrid between one of the 4 animal stock chosen (Gorilla, Wolf, Iguana, and Ram),  and the Synth (artificial humans). Furthermore, there was a servitor race along with the Elyarians that quickly gained a nick name, Goblins. These "Goblins" were servants and technicians and even had a more brutish cousin race with them. They were more of a warrior race that gained the nick name Hobgoblins. 

  When the humans finally saw the Elyarians it didn't take long till the humans branded them with a nick name that to still this day they hate. That nick name was Elves. The war was long, and both sides used every dirty trick in the book. Planet earth was a war torn battle field and both sides were losing. Finally, something happened that caused a severe cataclysmic reaction to the tectonic plates and much of the oceans and lands shifted. Many on both sides perished. That is when the Elyarians decided Earth was not worth this fight. The ships pulled out of orbit and left, leaving all their ground troops behind. 

   Earth was in ruin and since then the world has devolved into a medieval state. The Elyarians have adapted and tried to establish their own way of life. The world map is unrecognizable, and Ships are the new power. They allow one to get from place to place, apply trade and sale of goods and it has invited piracy. 

   Science / Magic exists in this world. Some people are born to this blood line and have learned how to harness this power. Some who study ancient lore say it is something called Nanos that were in the blood and it was meant to replicate powers. Thus, therefore some called it Science Magic. 

Pirates of a Shattered World