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​Dark Times

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Pathogen Unclassified-PDF- $5.99

A massive worldwide epidemic occurred 3 years ago in the Pathogen:  Unclassified world.  Parasites have infected the majority of earth's population leaving the victims either crazed mad flesh eating monsters, mental drones to a hive mind plotting for an unknown purpose, or unfortunate survivors.  Our societies have fallen into a unimaginable pit of despair.

The corporation Gaia Life Solutions has stepped up to be our savior or are they mankind's doom?

We have created game rules and mechanics to fit the world of Pathogen:  Unclassified.  Also, the player's community have characteristics as well, so you will see how it adds complexity to the story. 

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Sixteen years of inter-corporate warfare followed. By the end of it, the human population of the Fractured States of America had withdrawn into select, over-crowded cities, huddling amidst concrete and the wash of neon while their corporate betters remade society in a new image. 

Steele City is the ruins of an industrialist's dream. Contained in this book is a full guide to Steele City, including it's factions, districts and locales, as well as a thorough stockpile of plot hooks. NPC's and actionable rumors. 

Spy   is our first produced game. It is a modern day spy game of action and espionage. The rules are easy and fast to learn yet filled with versatility and action.  Players create agents for a covert organization called "The Factory".  This organization recruits from all walks of life- military, civilian and even the criminal underworld. 

 Wicked Pacts

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Pirates of a Shattered World- Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Spy- 2nd Edition

 Pathogen Unclassified

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This is the world of Dark Times: a tabletop roleplaying game about superheroes in the corporate slum that has swallowed up most of the United States. Twenty six years ago a man named Dr. Anton Valasakis changed everything with the discovery of a gene that unlocked superhuman abilities.  By this time Prometheus Medical was already a powerful corporation and had its hooks deep in controlling many politicians. Many large corporations, seeing the potential in customized superhuman technology, were now in a race to have their own Enhanced on their payroll. These laboratory creations were treated as slaves and many fled their masters, hiding in the slums. Some of the ones that got away even had kids. 
By now the laws had been warped to protect the rights of the corporations and their “investments” and not the people. In Dark Times, players work together with their powers, protect their people, and build their community, all under the shadow of a corporation that has replaced the government and seeks to enslave them since they are viewed as “company property”.

   Unknown to the general public, there are chaotic societies filled with magic, supernatural creatures, and other beings trying to establish themselves in the enchanted world and to promote their self interests regardless of the conflict that ensues. Meanwhile, many of the responsible magic practitioners do their best to shield the Ungifted from the reality of their existence to avoid a modern day witch hunt.  It is in everyone's best interest not to draw attention to their mystical world.

In Wicked Pacts players create magic users from various types of blood lines, from Pure blooded, half-blooded, Angel blooded, or Demon Blooded. Furthermore, there are a wide variety of magic training thus forging them into an archetype they can pick from in the game. Wicked Pacts features Talents, Complications, and a ton of Spells.

   The game mechanics are designed to be fast and easy to learn, but not too easy it waters down the play and detail of the action. Wicked Pacts uses the regular polyhedral dice set and also what we call our Tarot Card element. Each character is linked to an Arcana card in a Tarot Deck. This card and many other cards can be used as fuel for the GM or the Player to affect various elements in the storytelling.

Steele City Sourcebook/PDF

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