Downloadable Dark Times Character Sheet

Fantasy Adventure-'Trouble in Slumbering Grove' Can be used with ANY fantasy game setting. 

Wicked Pacts GM Screen Insert 

Download your free Spy GM Screen inserts for a horizontal screen. It provides all the needed information for running a mission of Spy-a game of action and espionage. 

Form Fillable Character Sheet

Wicked Pacts Character Sheet

Pathogen Unclassified Character Sheet

Form fillable character sheet for Wicked Pacts. 

Downloadable Fillable Character Sheet for Spy Agent Sheet

Downloadable SpyAgent Sheet

GM Screen Inserts- Free GM Screen inserts for Pathogen Unclassified. Horizontal layout. 

Copyright John Barfield. All rights reserved. 

Fantasy Character Profile/Plot Seed- Patch is a shady Half Elf criminal organization leader. 

Spy "Operation Scurvy:" The Agents travel to the Philippines to find a kidnapped Daughter to a US Navy Admiral. They realize this may not be a simple snatch and grab. Complete mission to use for your agents. 

Dark Times GM Screen Insert

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