Mickey Barfield has over 36 years of experience running games, writing for many gaming groups, and creating great gaming teams.
The Polyhedral Knights was created to produce affordable fun games like Spy, Pathogen:  Unclassified, etc.... 




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Spy​  As a limited time promotion, we will be happy to provide

you with an original print run for only $15.99+ Shipping 

as a "Thank you for your support".  If you are interested, please get

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A PDF version of Spy is now available for just $5.99 through 

drivethrurpg.com​  120 pages for COMPLETE rules,  

Pathogen:  Unclassified

A massive worldwide epidemic occurred 3 years ago in the

Pathogen:  Unclassified world.  Parasites have infected the

majority of earth's population leaving the victims either crazed

mad flesh eating monsters, mental drones to a hive mind plotting

for an unknown purpose, or unfortunate survivors.  Our society

has fallen into an unimaginable pit of despair.

The corporation Gaia Life Solutions has stepped up to be our

savior or are they mankind's doom?​

A PDF version of Pathogen Unclassified is now available for

just $5.99 through drivethrurpg.com​  158 pages for

COMPLETE rules, Hard cover full color is on sale for $29.99. 

Just click on the Paypal to receive a copy. 

Pathogen Unclassified NPC/Adventure Seed Cards

This deck of 25 cards contains 75 potential adventures.

Each card is about one NPC. They may be good, neutral

or bad. On these cards, each card has a background, 

along with 3 adventure seeds to use in the Pathogen

Unclassified world. 

Just click on the Paypal button to recieve a copy.


Daedalus Dossier-  January 2018

 A complete break down of the organization called Daedalus Group. 

We will provide details of their soulless scientists who sell their

twisted inventions to the highest bidder, explain their structure/

hierarchy within the organization, and divulge some of their devious

plots being devised.

Wicked Pacts-   Kickstarter Funded, Due  January 2018

In a modern day world, there are secret magical orders, some benevolent

and others malevolent, living among us.  They have their own agendas to

serve the betterment of their own Orders. Allow yourself to be drawn into

their world of magic and intrigue.

Dark Times-  Summer 2018

In the not too distant future,. greedy soulless scientists develop super powers in humans through gene manipulation and splicing. Since  mega corporations control the world's governments and economy, they took control of the  new scientific frontier to create a caste system with super slaves. 

One generation later, the Mega Corporations oppress the masses.  Only a small group of various freedom fighters (branded as terrorists) factions try to gain freedom for those oppressed. Meanwhile in the shadows, others with powers figure out ways to take advantage of their "gifts" and run the underworld. 

Agents, Henchmen, and Masterminds- TBD 

In this supplement, we provide a large variety of fellow agents and bad guys to sprinkle throughout your plot lines. Filled with plot seeds and a few adventures.

Future Games Planned-

Buccaneers and Bayonets

Dragons and Flagons


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 We are a group of long time gamers who would like to see a return to affordable and easy to learn Role Playing Games.

The Polyhedral Knights will be creating more game genres, supplements, and other fun stuff at prices you can afford. One book will be all you need to run a game.

Look for us on YouTube and Listen to our Pod Casts.   We think you will enjoy them, so please spread the news about The Polyhedral Knights.